iDeyPay NUBAN Account Numbers FAQ

Partnering with MONNIFY now allow us to assign NUBAN bank accounts in the customer name so that you can deposit and transfer in your name.

You cannot actually interact with this account at the bank (going to make to withdraw) since it only exists within the iDeyPay system.

Transfer Naira into the bank account details located in your naira wallet and your balance will be updated immediately and use your iDeyPay Naira Wallet balance to buy bitcoin instantly.

What is the iDeyPay NUBAN Account Numbers?
This is a new payment solution available for users to deposit to their iDeyPay Naira Wallet via bank transfers, internet banking, USSD and any other funds transfer channels using a unique bank account number.

How does it work?
A unique NUBAN account number is generated and linked to your iDeyPay account. This ensures that once payment is completed using the unique NUBAN account number, the funds are automatically credited to your iDeyPay Naira Wallet.

Can I use my account number for other payment services?
No, you can’t. The NUBAN account number can only be used to fund your iDeyPay account.

Who can use the iDeyPay NUBAN account?
The unique NUBAN account number can be used by all iDeyPay users who have a verified iDeyPay account.

What is the benefit of using iDeyPay NUBAN account?
It provides the opportunity to:

deposit money into your iDeyPay Naira Wallet directly via bank transfers, internet banking, and USSD.
Enjoy instant buying of bitcoin with your iDeyPay account.

How much does it cost to use iDeyPay NUBAN account?
It is totally free.

Is there a limit to the amount that can be transferred?
No, any amount can be paid using your unique NUBAN account number. The limit is only subject to your bank’s fund transfer limits

Are my funds settled immediately?
Yes, all payments are automatically credited to your iDeyPay Naira Wallet on the same day within minutes.

How safe is it?
It is 100% safe. Money paid using the NUBAN account number can only be settled to your iDeyPay Naira Wallet.

What happens if my payment is successful, but I don’t receive value?
If you successfully completed a fund transfer, but your Naira Wallet is not credited within 24hours, kindly contact [email protected] for support.

Please note that your iDeyPay account must be verified before you can deposit money to your naira wallet.

All deposits to your iDeyPay Naira Wallet should be from a bank account or debit card that belongs to you AND is one of your verified Bank Accounts on iDeyPay.

Update as at May 17, 2021: The Monnify NUBAN Account has been discontinued.