How to Send money to anyone

This article shows how to send money (Naira) to anyone.

You need to have money in your Naira Wallet before you can send to anyone.

You can learn how to deposit money to your Naira Wallet here.

1. Login or Sign Up.

Visit, or download our Android app, iDeyPay from Google Play Store.

Click  “Login” if you have an account already, or “Sign up” if you don’t have an iDeyPay account.

2. Go to Send Money.

Once you’re signed in, click the “Send Money” icon on the dashboard.


Click on the “Wallet” icon then click “Naira Wallet“.

3. Select the Send to option.

On the “Send or Withdraw Naira” page, select “Another User” as your “send to” option.

4. Username and Amount.

Enter the recipient’s username or email address and the amount you wish to send to the person.

Please note that you can send any amount at the moment depending on your Available balance.

You can send to a registered user via the person’s username or anyone by providing the person’s email address.

5. Review your details.

Click “Continue” and then review your details before clicking submit. You will be redirected to the wallet transactions page where you will see the transaction details.

  • If you have your 2FA setup, this is where you will need to provide the code from your printed Two-factor (2FA) authentication paper codes.
  • If your 2FA is deactivated, you will need to provide your password before you can submit the form.
  • Your Naira Wallet will be debited as soon as you submit the form.
  • Your recipient would receive an email to notify them of the funds.

Click here to learn how to enable your Two-factor (2FA) authentication

That’s all